In Today’s Business World, What Do Leaders WEAR?

Did you know the best year for dry cleaners was 1996? That’s when “casual Fridays” began to catch on; it wasn’t long before every workday was business casual. Then in 2020, the way we clothe ourselves for work changed dramatically again as Covid caused many, maybe even most workers, to work from home at least some of the time. All this begs the question: as the workplace has become less and less formal in terms of dress, what should dynamic leaders wear?

Please tune in this week as Wayne offers tips on how leaders can be “one of the boys or girls” but still cultivate the image of strong and capable executives.

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  1. Interesting subject. These little videos are always insightful.

    I have never really given what I wear much of a thought. It changes with our seasons!

    • I bet it does, Todd. You guys actually have four seasons in IA!

  2. Wayne, I’m a woman owned GC, and I feel that I always need to show up in business attire to promote a professional appearance for my company. I found that it goes a long way to gain initial respect in a male dominated field.

    • Good call, Jeanette! I bet a lot of female-led construction firms would agree with you wholeheartedly.

  3. Wayne, you are spot on that people notice what you wear. Oftentimes, unable to sleep in the early morning hours (4 or 5am), I go into office (8 minute drive from my home), wearing tennis shoes, sweat pants, and t-shirt. One morning, as I was heading back home for breakfast around 6:30am, and a subcontractor was dropping off some paperwork. Nearly each time I have seen him since, he brings up my attire which was contrary to my normal office casual. On a side note, I am still challenged with casual Friday, my personal paradigm hasn’t been able to shift.

    • I hear you, Don. It’s amazing how people will remind you of a tiny slip up, isn’t it?

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