How To Make $5 Million Per Hour

Is Wayne really going to share the secret to making $5 million per hour? You’ll have to listen to find out. Please share your comments below.

Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. Read the book on your recommendation – challenging many assumptions and very good! Thank you for sharing!

    • Great! It’s a terrific book; glad you got some good takeaways!

  2. very well said Wayne !

    • Thank you.

  3. Wayne — great reminder. keep up the good work. and, keep the webinars coming.

    • Will do, Paul! Thanks.

  4. Awesome Wayne! This one really hit home for me! Now, time to apply!! Thanks for your encouraging videos.

    • You’re welcome, Eric!

  5. Wayne, Thank you for the wakeup call: to focus and know the worthwhile tasks (5k$ compared to 50$ tasks) and for pointing out the main things: plan, birds eye view and execution, right people doing the right things, weed out the wrong people. Standardisation, marketing and promotion. Focus with intention…it´s worth taking the risks.
    However our business is all about the oldfashioned way, basically frozen in time…peddling at the same speed since day one…Maybe it´s time to crawl out of the cuccoon and become a butterfly (risky but worth it). I´ll let you know how we get on with this though.
    (Can Solivera Olive grove Spain)

    • Thanks, Sandra. Please let us know how you do…

  6. Wayne,
    That is great advice.
    Thank you

    • Thanks, George! Hope you are prospering!

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