How To Do Less In Your Family Business

To spend more time working on your family business, you usually must give up some tasks to create that space in your workweek. In this blog video, Wayne shares “The Cleinman Method” of freeing your time. Enjoy – and please share your comments below.

Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. Sure do enjoy these short but meaningful videos!

    • How nice, John! Thank you.

  2. I didn’t get to see this video because my administrative assistant cleaned up my emails 😉

  3. What was the other book you referred to? It sounded like you said Rob Sleep. You mentioned it while referring to $500 or $5000 per hour.
    Thank you for the video! I am sending someone out today to buy the index cards!

    • Hi Craig. The book is “Time Really is Money” by Rob Slee. It is one of the most thought provoking business books I’ve ever read!

  4. The earliest blog video viewers earned a bonus peek at Wayne’s blooper reel (since edited out). Sorry about the miss in editing. Thanks for being loyal blog subscribers!

    • That video about the Broken Windows Solution has haunted FBI ever since we pushed it out! We can be an object lesson for our viewers: perfect is the goal, but it is ever elusive!

  5. Thanks for the credit. I’ve been sharing this idea for over 20 years and, while its origins are lost in the fog of memory, I’m reasonably confident that I borrowed it from somewhere or someone.
    A couple of points to add:
    – Don’t just delegate the responsibility without the authority. Give people the means by which to do the job. For instance, if you’re having someone take over post office responsibilities, give them a key and a “credit card.” Having them come to you for the key or for postage money isn’t delegation.
    – don’t think that staff will resent the delegated tasks. They actually want the added responsibilities.
    – Focus the delegation process on desired results. Give them the freedom to change how they perform the task.
    – Move from producer to owner. Remember that a sustainable business with enterprise value is one which doesn’t rely on any single individual. Fire yourself!
    Good luck!
    Al Cleinman

    • Great tips, Al! Thank you!

  6. Wayne, you need to delegate making sure your wardrobe is all together before you go on the air:-).
    You make it look so easy doing these blogs. Glad to know it doesn’t always go off without a hitch. Good advice about delegating. Owners always think nobody can do something as well as they can

    • Good idea, Chip. You would think I could dress myself better by now, wouldn’t you? Thanks.

  7. loved the “do over” due to flappy cuffs …not edited ;O))

    • Oh crap! We’ll edit it so the “permanent version” isn’t so goofy. Thanks for pointing this out, Sandra! How embarrassing!

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