How “Structure” Saved a Company

As businesses grow and reach inflection points, leaders face an inevitable question: How should our ways of working evolve to meet the challenges of a growing company?
Watch our blog this week as Wayne references an article about email marketing company Mailchimp and explains how Professionalizing your company can help the leadership team in not just curing growing pains but also taking the company to new heights of success.
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Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. Wayne, Great topic. Probably one of the most difficult and impactful things to go through as a business. Deciding pace of change that a business can digest is critical…many good people can be left behind. Figuring out the “Resistors” to change vs. “Adapters” comes to mind for successfully moving to a more “Structured” environment.
    Keep em coming.

    • Great insight, Al! See if you can teach Brian a thing or two!

  2. Great point. Thanks.

    • Thanks, Joe.

  3. Great video this week Wayne…. I think every successful company must go through this, and it is great to hear how others have faced this challenge.

    • Thanks, Danny!

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