How CEOs Spend Their Days And What Makes Them Truly Successful

Every business needs effective leadership, and being an effective leader requires focus and determination. Most important, however, is the ability to SIMPLIFY and cut back.
Listen to our blog this week as Wayne utilizes a Harvard Business School study to discuss key characteristics that differentiate successful leaders from mere managers.

Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. This is why I like watching your blog’s Wayne, you make me stop and think outside of my bubble. The hardest thing for me to do is let the hands on things go. Even though I know I need to, it’s easier said than done sometimes.

    • Thanks, John!

  2. Thanks! This post will likely give me the ‘hard’ nudge I need to make changes in my day-to-day activities.

    • Good luck with the changes!

  3. Great insight Wayne!
    Excited to be involved,
    Thanks Dw

    • Thrilled to have you, Dave!

  4. Wayne
    Very encouraging thoughts today. Though sometimes difficult to lead at first, it becomes easier and more valuable as it is practiced. The benefits and rewards of seeing others fail, succeed, grow and learn is very much worthwhile.
    P.S. I have told my kids they better enjoy jail food as bail is not coming soon, if they need it.

    • Good call, Don!

  5. Spot on Wayne. Our history with working with you helps to be ahead of this curve.

    • You are the man, Joe!

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