Gratitude As a Strategic Advantage

You’re not going to believe the documented statistics about gratitude! Demonstrating genuine gratitude is a real competitive advantage especially in construction where butt-kicking has traditionally been the norm. And it’s not just for senior leaders; there is no reason that everyone on your team cannot be an engine of appreciation and kindness.

Please tune in this week as Wayne reviews some mind-blowing numbers and offers eight tips for how to express genuine gratitude – not just because it’s a competitive advantage but because it’s the right thing to do! We’d like to hear what you’re doing to make your workplaces better and more welcoming. Please share in the comments below. Thanks.

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  1. Excellent


    • ha ha! Nicely done, Clyde. You’re very welcome.

  2. Good blog, we had already started an intentional quest to bless our staff and clients more this year.

    • Outstanding! Good work, Jim!

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