Giving Back Or Doing Good?

The idea of “giving back” – is it a legitimate concept in the case of entrepreneurs? Family business leaders create jobs and opportunities, train people, support people, launch careers, form lasting relationships, and provide a host of other positives for the benefit of society. Maybe a more reasonable standard should be one of “doing good.”
Please watch this week’s blog, and let us know where you come down on this subject.

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  1. Good commentary once again, Wayne. I’ve always bristled at the phrase, “Give back,” because to me, it implies that I’ve previously been a net “taker.” 100% of the money that I’ve received in my career has been received in exchange for value that I’ve created for others; i.e., it’s been earned, not “taken.” If anything, I’ve typically tried to make sure that my clients have come out ahead, i.e., that they’ve received more value from me than I’ve received from them. I’m happy to give; I just don’t like the implication that I’m paying a debt when in fact I’m giving a gift. Thanks for addressing this; keep up the good work.

    • Thanks, Dr. Brian!

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