Four Ways to Get Your People to Leave

Are your talented people leaving you to seek other opportunities? Maybe you aren’t doing enough to ensure they feel motivated to work with you. Listen to Wayne as he shares some guidance on how to make sure your great people stay with you. As always, we look forward to your comments below!

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  1. Thank you Wayne,
    this video blog gave me a giggle. More wisdom for the leaders…now How can I get my leader to listen and consider any advice? My parents are 75 and 78 and still very much in control. Not willing to listen to any advice. Very proud of their achievement (rightly so!) and do not respect me enough to have any say into anything, despite me nearly running the place singlehanded (a bit exaggerated of course). They keep micromanaging me which is starting to undermine me and demotivate me very much. Apart from biting my tongue and delivering great results for the business I´m out of ideas and want to pickup and leave…How are your clients introduced to FBI? If they are smart enough to contact you they might not be doing so bad anyway. How to bring in a fam. buss. which badly need a wakeupcall from FBI? I´m just curious…kindest Regards, Sandra de Roos (Spain)

    • Hi Sandra- do you know the old saying “you can lead a horse to water…?” That’s how it is with fambiz parents. If they are in control of the business – and the money! – you can’t force them to engage. They have to wake up and realize how bad things are. only then will they seek and allow help.

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