The Forest and the Trees

Technology is great and it pervades every aspect of our lives now from how we communicate to how we relax to how we receive the news. And while certain advances are definitely positive, there’s clear evidence that too much technology can have adverse consequences on our decision making.
Listen to our blog this week as Wayne explains how it is imperative for family business leaders to come out of this unhealthy myopia, use their wisdom and instincts, and look at the bigger picture from time to time.
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  1. Insightful, as always. I recently heard a psych talk about “busy brain syndrome” where the sheer volume of sensory inputs through technology causes brain overload and burnout if not heavily filtered before reaching our consciousness. This plays into your “woods and trees” analogy: if we don’t get better at focussing on what’s really relevant and important (which usually means physical and human issues, even in a business setting) we’re bound to miss the point – and eventually damage the family and the business.
    Having people around with the insight and courage to challenge our thinking and rock our complacency, rather than the “yes men/women” who so often inhabit family businesses, is so, so important.

  2. A myopic viewpoint certainly reduces your potential profitability.
    I had a coach the use to say: “It not the things you’ve accomplished, it the opportunities you’ve missed…!”
    By changing your perspective from the tree to the forest, enables you to find inefficiencies, outdated practices, or bottlenecks that could hamper the growth/profitability (or Opportunities) within and without (of your company).
    Positive change doesn’t happen, all by itself. You’ve got to recognize the opportunity and capitalize on it, but you can’t if your nose is buried in the weeds.
    Soar with the Eagles, once in awhile. You may see a whole new vista.

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