The Five Advisors You MUST Have In Your Family Business

Successful family businesses need to rely on a number of different professionals to address their many needs. Having trusted advisors who understand both business and family dynamics can be a tremendous advantage. But is that all you need to ensure business success and family harmony?

Watch our blog this week as Wayne talks about the traditional advisors you should always have by your side and lists situations when you may need a different level of help.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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  1. I want to download the Construction Paper.

  2. Wayne: Thanks for your podcasts, always look forward to them, At the risk of sounding self-serving I disagree with your five advisor list, as I see the (professional) surety agent/broker and the underwriter as critical ongoing advisors. More often than not, the insurance advisor is just that and there is a surety professional in the circle of influence. In my mind, they are not consultants as their task is never completed (as opposed to some of the consultants assigned task). Hope we can still be friends and looking forward to seeing you in September for the New England Construction Summit in New Haven. Take care. Ralph

    • Good one, Ralph. Thanks for the correction!

  3. Wayne,

    While I VERY much agree with your admonition to business owners to have their team of advisors close…I would ask you rethink your legal perspective a bit. We have found many capable business attorneys who fill the main ‘legal seat’ on the advisory team and utilize their connections (because they do know their peers often better than internet rating systems, etc) to bring in specialty legal advice for the special circumstances. In practice I have witnessed, for local businesses, larger firms have a tendancy to be more responsive to the larger clients, or they tend to be agenda-driven (to the goals of the firm and not always the client’s needs).

    Other than suggesting a large legal firm…. you have once again hit the nail on the head!

    • Well argued, Michael. Thanks for your input.

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