Family Harmony Requires Effort

In this blog video, Wayne shares that family business leaders are often unwilling to put in the effort required to achieve family harmony. Please share your comments below.

Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. Wayne, you’ve struck a nerve for me, here. Resignation and cynicism hold powerful sway. What families don’t know is that building their connections can be a relatively painless, extremely rewarding process. There are at least a few people, processes and “technology” for turning this around. I’m thinking of the communities and work I’m dedicating my life’s work to: Collaborative Practice Trusts & Estates, Purposeful Planning Institute, The Heritage Institute, 8Shields/permaculture. People, give yourselves the greatest gift, the gift of connection. Sure, it’s uncommon, and you actually have to shift your inertia/beliefs. But most of life’s gifts flow from it, including successful businesses. It’s a worthy quest, and healing is possible.

    • Well said, Peter! Thanks.

  2. Wayne,
    Another great session.
    Suggestion for a future session: general discussion on the financial part of stock purchase/ redemption/ succession. How-who-what when-etc

    • Great idea, Frank! Thanks.

  3. Another great message. I look forward to these!

    • Thanks, Jon. Hope you’re prospering!

  4. I like your call to honesty, Wayne. Great post and an excellent reminder to be real about the quest for family harmony… or to just get on with business.

    • Thanks, Chris.

  5. great blog…basically aplicable to everything.
    You say you want it and it´s a priority = you talk the talk
    But your actions tell a different story = you don´t walk the walk
    To achieve the (desired) goal you need to take certain (hard) actions.
    I´m in a disfunctional family (business) …and we´re not focussing on the future, but looking to blame eachother for anything. You´re words were very eyeopening, but hope giving in a way: the goals are achievable, but I need to put in the (hard) work…ThanX, Sandra

    • You’re welcome, Sandra. Good luck and God bless!

  6. Wayne – great book. I too sent it to my kids ages 25 and 28.

    • Thanks, David.

  7. Hey Wayne
    Isn’t it true that family is a priority? If so, growth in the business is limited by the functionality of the family. Or, you can grow but only at a price. Isn’t this a basic prncipal even if there are exceptions?

    • Yes, Eric. The family can hold back the business and vice-versa. No doubt about it… My point is that people SAY family is a priority, but their actions tell a different story.

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