Dwight Eisenhower, Common Sense, and Leadership

There are over 70,000 leadership books in print according to Amazon. The concepts are pretty simple: listen to followers, set an ambitious vision, create a positive work environment, etc. Why then, do so many fail to get it right?

Watch our blog this week as Wayne shares an interesting story about President Eisenhower to explain how leaders can tap into the collective intelligence of their teams. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. It is much easier and faster to determine what to do than to listen to the “experts” in the field. After all, we earn much more than the people on the shop floor (and they think so too). But … is this a good management practice? Will it bring more productivity to our company?

    • I think that was my point, yes.

  2. Freedom!!! Great to hear that word this morning.

    Open concept office design for construction companies – Good Luck with that bad idea!

    • Yes! Whatever happened to “let freedom ring?” My brilliant open concept idea was immediately met with clever, gentle pushback from the team. I was besieged with articles and accounts of how it just doesn’t work. Thank goodness I work with people smarter than me!

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