Drive vs. Greed

There is a thin line between drive and greed. The distinction is obvious – betterment for self instead of betterment for all. Being driven by greed is a flaw that will, at some point, cripple a leader’s effectiveness.

Watch Digging Deeper this week as Dennis explains the difference between drive and greed in leadership and presents you with ways you can work with ineffective leaders to help them turn things around.

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  1. I have witnessed this many times over my career. Greedy leaders are ultimately ‘toxic” in nature and see staff as a form of currency to be expended to reach their personal goals. They tend to use language such as “I” and “me” versus “us” and “we”. They tend to be narcissistic by nature and eventually staff will begin to distrust these individuals and distance themselves while going into self-preservation mode. These leaders who are motivated by greed at some point become isolated and fail. The key is to not place these people in leadership positions to begin with and if they are identify and remove them early in the process before systemic damage is done.

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