Does Working Hard REALLY Pay Off?

Working in the trenches can lead us to believe that hard work will guarantee a prosperous career. But does hard work really pay off? Why do some people perform better at work than others?

Watch our blog this week as Wayne reference a Wall Street Journal Bestseller Great at Work and summarizes seven “work smart” practices to explain how leaders can find ways to add value to their businesses and lives while at the same time empowering others around them to do so as well.

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  1. Wow! This is so powerful. I watch my mom and dad spend all hours running themselves ragged and spread soooo thin. They can’t focus on anything. And telling them “do fewer things” is just maddening. They have bought into, really they’ve been enslaved by, the “I’ll just work harder” trap. I work for them doing sales off-site, my role is more clear-cut, there are time-sucks I just don’t fall into on a daily basis that they feel defenseless against. If they don’t address this little thing and that little thing, then they believe it won’t get done. The other downside is that they have no mental bandwidth left to even consider other options, or write down info, or delegate.

    As I try to set up systems to streamline, and I bump into knowledge that’s buried as work-arounds that only one person knows, or staff who feel excluded, I see that they’ve backed themselves into a very dark corner.

    • Alexis, you see it in much the same way I do. Any business that has backed itself into a “dark corner” and is dependent on one or two people to do 95% of necessary tasks is simply not sustainable. Thanks for your comments!

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