Do You Have a Succession Plan?

Do you have a Succession Plan in place? And are both senior generation leaders and the younger generation in your organization and family in sync? Listen to Wayne as he shares a real-life example of how a family business could have been more successful by incorporating a culture of sharing and transparency.
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  1. Thanks, Wayne- I have seen the lack of communication and training for the Next Generation too many times

  2. Our succession plan is completely dependent on a firm commitment from the next generation which is still pending. I want this now but it is more important that they are all in before going through the effort of establishing a plan

    • Yes. Gotta be win-win, Jon.

  3. Thank you for the insight into the Drop Dead Succession Plan.

    • You’re welcome, Cara.

  4. Wayne, You have produced another video that adds to our list of things to do. We need to better articulate our plan. We don’t want to make it on one of your videos named as an anonymous company.

    • Don’t worry, Don. I would never call you out. You’re way bigger than me!

  5. Thank you!
    We are 125 yr family business and trying to get the leader to do this. This will help.

    • Great! Glad to help, Jimmy!

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