Ditch Diggers

This week we are featuring, with his permission of course, a powerful poem and video by a young man named Eric Borden. We first saw this at an AGC Convention, and among the few thousand attendees, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

We’d like to hear what you think about “Ditch Diggers.” Eric dreams that this one day could be a Super Bowl commercial promoting the construction industry! How can we help him make that happen?

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Good stuff Wayne!

    I’ve seen it before but it’s always neat to see.

    Happy holidays.

    • Thanks, Todd. I love this thing!

  2. been a ditch digger for 54 years and been proud of it every day
    glad to know there are others out there that feel the same

    • A wonderful video Eric and Wayne! May I share this on my Construction Contractors Network website and my Facebook page? I am a licensed Oregon contractor education provider.

      • Sure, Nick. Share away!

    • Excellent, Nick!

  3. Need to send this to Mike Rowe. This is awesome!

    • Great idea, Mike.

  4. Thanks for sharing and taking the time to visit.

    • THANK YOU, Eric. We have had tons of emails and comments. No one with access to the Super Bowl, however.

  5. Such a powerful message…very moving. Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re welcome!

  6. Wonderful poem and video. I have always been a blue collar worker and this is truly a tribute to those who make this country and world better.
    Thank you

    • Glad you liked it, Keith!

  7. Great job Eric, and no better time to post this than with the labor shortage in our industry currently.

    • Isn’t it great, Marv?

  8. A unifying, inspirational message, perfectly timed as we enter this Thanksgiving Day weekend. I am grateful for all of the “Ditch Diggers”
    shoulders that we stand on. We are stronger together.

    • Thanks, John.

  9. Man oh Man…..that’s about as good as it gets and a must pass on to all the contractors that we proudly bond. We understand what these “Ditch Diggers” Really Do!!!!!!

    • Great Job on this , tremendous message and very valuable .

    • Please share it, Thomas!

  10. Love this ❤ as it just hits home. Honestly made me feel very proud of all we have built in our community and proud of the path that I have taken. Sometimes we forget what part we play in society. The Poem is Badass and we are badass bottom line!!!!! You don’t need a degree to be badass!

    • Absolutely right, Paul!

  11. I was taught that all work done well is noble work. This is a great reminder of that axiom.
    America is a country built on the concept of better together. Our company motto is better together and always exceptional. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Glad you liked it, Arnie.

  12. Awesome, and so true. Some people tend to look “down” their nose and construction workers. Without them, what would any of us have? Nothing…..plain and simple.

    • Correct, David!

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