Develop Your High Potential People

The biggest challenge among family businesses today is TALENT. Acquiring and managing talent is on the front burner for virtually every business in every industry. If not recognized, motivated, and challenged, high-potential employees will move on to another organization. But many businesses struggle with how to effectively identify, develop, and retain high-potential talent in their organizations.

Watch our blog this week as Wayne shares four simple ways you can adopt to ensure your NextGen is well mentored. We’d love to hear what steps are you taking towards mentoring and grooming your high-potential employees. Please share your thoughts in the comments. Thank you.

Also, FBI’s Contractor Business Boot Camp is a one-stop solution for grooming your high-potential NextGen employees. Please contact Charlotte Kopp at to learn more about upcoming cohorts and early bird pricing.

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  1. These are great ideas, but I don’t understand tailoring these steps to just “next generation, young leaders”. Why wouldn’t you do this for ALL high-potential leaders in your company? This seems rather dismissive of all the “older” employees may have many more years to contribute to a company but could use the same mentoring. They may have switched careers, hold a new position in your company, come back into the work force for what ever reason, etc. As an older employee who switched careers 10 yrs ago and now taken on a new role in my company, I find this constant reference to and concentration on grooming the “young” and the “younger next generation” quite dismissive of what I have to offer the future growth of an organization.

    • Fair points, Myrna.

  2. These are great ideas for potential office folks. Do you have similar ideas on how to train young folks in the field that have the potential to be superintendents.

    • Kind of the same ways, Jimmy. Challenge them with things just outside their strike zones and see how they react, think, and produce. Thanks!

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