Defining Who You Are NOT

A peer of ours went on a Viking Cruise Lines trip, and found that one of the ways Viking as a company defines who they ARE is by clearly stating who they are NOT. In an industry where far too many contractors try to be all things to all people, this exercise could certainly prove interesting.

Please tune in as Wayne recounts Viking’s list of who they aren’t and suggests as you dig into your year end strategic planning (WHAT?!? You’re not planning to plan?) that this exercise may help you dial in more acutely who you are as an organization by delineating who you aren’t.

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  1. We try to be diligent about this about knowing what markets we’re good at vs. not. Example we like schools and higher ed jobs, don’t chase multi family or retail.

    With the tight labor force we’re dealing with I think its more important than ever to focus only on jobs you excel at and with clients that are partners in building.

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