Deciding Not To Decide

Family businesses have an alarming tendency to “decide not to decide” when faced with challenging circumstances which causes them to debate various alternatives. In fact, this phenomenon is almost epidemic. Failing to make difficult decisions is almost ALWAYS sub-optimal for both the business AND the family.

Listen to our blog this week as Wayne presents you with a great solution to promote good, timely decision making and overcoming the road blocks to keep your team moving.

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  1. Indecisiveness can be the result of any number of factors. Perhaps they are not comfortable taking the ‘great leap of faith’ that is often required for new ventures. Or they don’t have the experience and/or judgement needed. Or they are not in agreement with the proposal but don’t want to be seen as an obstructionist. Indecisiveness can be the result of so many different variables.
    From a management and leadership perspective, indecisiveness is a weakness that sets the business or organization back. Board members and owners need to be prepared to make difficult decisions. If they are habitually indecisive then perhaps they should not be on the board or have a position of responsibility and authority within the family ownership circle.

    • Thanks, Mike

  2. Indecision is decision

    • Yep. I shoulda said that myself, Don. Thank you.

  3. Another great blog! It’s not only business leaders that do this. I see it in all kinds of relationships, friends, church boards, etc. I would compromise by telling them they did not have to decide at the moment, but would give them a time limit. Establishing a deadline in business would be an option.

    • Good call, Cherie. Thanks.

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