Corporate Mission Statements Miss the Mark 93% of the Time!

PWC did a study and interviewed almost 2000 corporate leaders from around the world about their Mission Statements. They found that 93% of them “lack purpose!” If PWC’s interviewees agree that Mission Statements are “vital to success” and they “attract and inspire employees,” why are so many so bad?

Please tune in this week as Wayne once again mounts his soapbox about the importance of devoting time, care, and attention to your company’s Mission Statements (as well as your Vision and Values!). He also provides three rules for crafting a winning Mission Statement that will advance the cause among your employees and customers.

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Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. Great thoughts and perfect timing as we try to nail down ours.

    • Send me your draft, Paul, and I’ll give you my opinion – if you want to risk that!

    • As I wondered “What is our mission statement?” I wondered what would my employees say it is? I imagine they each have their own mission statement as to why they work here. I’ll begin by asking them and see if I can merge them together in something that truly inspires them.

      • Great start, Matt. Bottom up is the way to go!

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