Contractors’ Lifeblood – CASH

Is it possible for a construction company close its doors when it is PROFITABLE? It’s counterintuitive, but it happens. How can this be? Paper profits are one thing; collecting cash in hand – the lifeblood of any successful business – is way more important.

Please tune in to Digging Deeper this week as Travis Hendrick discusses six proven, impactful ways to increase your cash and, therefore, make your business stronger and more vital. What tips can you offer based on your experiences? Please share with us in the comments section.

We’re offering four new Contractor Business Boot Camp sessions in 2023:

  1. Dallas, TX May 11-12
  2. Denver, CO Aug. 10-11
  3. Toronto, Canada Oct. 5-6
  4. Raleigh, NC Nov. 9-10

Contact Charlotte at to sign up your high potential future leaders today!

  1. Welcome, Travis. Well done”¦cash is King!

    • It sure is Monte! Thank you for the comment!

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