Collaboration is the #1 Skill Necessary for Construction Success

After all his time working with contractors, Dennis has arrived at the conclusion that collaboration is the #1 skill necessary for success in today’s construction world. What does he mean by collaboration, and when must you employ it to maximize your success?

Please tune in this week as Dennis outlines his rationale for why collaboration is so vital, the most crucial times for bringing it front and center, and some tips on how to collaborate. What would you add to Dennis’ thoughts? Please share with us in the comments section.

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  1. Great and I’ve said this for over 20 years! Collaboration boils down to the basic element of communication. Good communication sets contractors above their piers while poor communication does just the opposite. Poor communication within an organization creates animosity, dysfunction and ultimately failure in some form. It is sad that such a basic principle that has zero cost is not adhered to while we spend untold amounts of money on software, apps and whatever else to try to “e-collaborate”.

  2. Wow, Well done Dennis. One of your best. I sent it to my team and suggested “watch it, twice”. Collaboration: Hire for it, Train for it, and model it. Thank you!

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