At The Family Business Institute, we have worked with hundreds of construction companies and other family businesses helping them transform their companies and their lives. However, most of our clients have been rather large companies, and we really haven’t had an affordable offering for smaller contractors.

Today we are thrilled to announce “The Contractor Business Boot Camp!” This classroom-style learning experience will help NextGen leaders and smaller construction firms develop their capabilities in leadership, people management, construction finance, business development, and many other areas. The classes are part education, part reflection and planning, and part peer interaction. Participants will come away with new insights, skills, and relationships that will boost their companies and careers!

This could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to develop your high potential NextGen leaders and your business. If you or your team want to learn more about The Contractor Business Boot Camp, please contact Charlotte Kopp at and put “Boot Camp” in your subject line.

Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. Just sent the email in to Charlotte to get information.
    We are a small company with what I believe is a huge potential for growth, but we have not been able to break out of this level.
    I’m really hoping this boot camp may be the answer.
    We’ve spoken with a FBI rep but weren’t able to put out the financial resources to get the services.

  2. Wayne do you suggestions on transferring your business from retiring father and founder to very talented son and what’s a good way financially to do this? Sale or trust fund or some other way?

    • Matt- that’s a BIG QUESTION! If you would like to talk offline, I can learn a little more about your specifics and point you in the right direction. My email is

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