Are Happy Contractors BETTER Contractors?

Neil Pasricha, author of The Happiness Equation, did a dynamite presentation at this year’s AGC Convention. He noted that anxiety, depression, and loneliness are at historic highs. How can that be in the most prosperous country in world history? Did we misunderstand the rules our parents and grandparents taught us about the ways to prosper through education and hard work? Pasricha thinks we have, perhaps, miscalculated our formulas.

Tune in this week as Wayne gives a quick book review, provides some rather eye-opening statistics, and offers five tips for being happier and more productive. We’d like to hear what works for you; what are your keys to personal and professional happiness in a very, very challenging construction marketplace?

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  1. I feel any type of exercise is like a magic pill to take away or at least decrease any worry, anxiety, or depression. Like the random acts of kindness, I believe helping anybody will make you feel better. These can be small random acts of kindness or helping friends and family members with larger tasks.

    • Two great ideas, Cherie! Thank you.

  2. When on a run, walk or hike my goal is to get people I pas to smile and say hi. It makes me feel good!

  3. Amen, Wayne!!
    I’m grateful for your blogs.

    • You are the man, Don!

    • I think “expectations” is huge too, Wayne, whether it’s expectations in marriage or expectations with an event/party. I’m probably going to get myself in trouble with this, but my Mom and Sisters always created these hallmark type expectation for the Christmas Holidays, and they never really turned out that way. So in a sense they were unhappy based on unrealistic expectations. I’m not saying not to have expectations, but be realistic.

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