An Unwelcome Surprise and Six Things You Need

Life has a way of throwing a few unwelcome surprises our way, doesn’t it? You’re tooling along, enjoying success, set in your productive routines, and then ZAP! – the world lets you know you’re not in charge and things will be different for a while”¦

Tune in this week as Wayne relates his unwelcome surprise, talks about vulnerabilities that almost all contractors face, gets a little morbid, and outlines six things all successful leaders need in order to have their business and personal bases covered. What did Wayne leave out? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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  1. Can I get a transcript of this one, it hit home.


  2. Another excellent presentation Wayne. In my practice I often tell clients, my job is to help you keep the promises you have made to yourself, your family, your employees, and your community. Getting clear on those promises and addressing the risks that can derail them is very important. Having proper funding for your business agreements through the right amount, of the right type, and properly owned life and disability insurance can make a real difference.

    Thanks again for your insights, and good luck with your recovery from your injury!!

    • Thanks, Arnie. Good insights.

  3. A great attorney and accountant are also helpful as successors navigate the transition. Another key ally is a financial planner who might assist with key man life insurance depending upon the liquidity of the business.

    • Yep. Agree, Hans.

  4. What a great lesson about how we learn during periods of vulnerability – if we let ourselves learn. While vulnerability can be very uncomfortable, I urge my executive coaching clients to embrace it and they can come out stronger for it. Thanks, Wayne!

    • Thank you, Linda.

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