A True Life Experience Economy Example

You’re seen Wayne and Dennis’ vlogs about the book The Experience Economy any number of times. How might it look when a business gets it 110% right and treats its customers to an unforgettable experience about which they’ll talk for years to come? And what specific things might a contractor learn from a service business that has truly figured out the secret sauce of providing experiences rather than just great service?

Please tune in this week as Wayne relates his peer group’s trip to a FL steakhouse – yes, a restaurant – and how the staff transformed what could have been just another pretty darn good steak into a three-hour wonderland about which the peers still talk today. Did the peers go back to this restaurant when in Tampa in early December? They tried, but the waiting list was too long even though they tried to get in SIX MONTHS IN ADVANCE! That’s how crazy busy this place stays, and it’s all about the experience, not the meal itself]

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Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. As the co-author of The Experience Economy, it is great to hear of this great exemplar! It’s not the first time I’ve heard of Bern’s Steakhouse, so it truly does offer a consistent experience over time.

    I do love your focus on family businesses and contractors. Keep up the great work! I’m recommending your site to a contractor friend of mine.

    • Holy moley! Thanks ever so much, Joe! It’s quite flattering to hear from the co-author himself! I must say, we have been advocating for your book and concepts for several years now. See Paul Mashburn’s comment below, for example.

  2. Outstanding content on this one Wayne. We refreshed our mission, vision and values recently around this and focused on “creating an exceptional build experience” as our mission and it IS making a difference.

    • Sweet! Awesome to hear a real life “Experience Economy” success story. Congrats, Paul!

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