A Fish Rots from the Head Down

In this blog video, Wayne speaks on creating meaningful change in your organization. Please share your comments below.

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  1. Interesting blog.
    For sure the it rots from the head.
    Does a one man show qualify to be called a family business? Is a sole proprietorship considered a family business?
    In a company that is a mix of various entity types – company/corporation, sole prop, partnership with one partner who sings cheques and can withdraw funds from the company denominated bank accounts without accounting for the sums withdrawn.
    Might you already have covered how to have separation between the family members and the family entity? I am employed to handle the accounting and finances but unable to do so because of all the interference from the 2 owners. There is gross tax evasion; no board, no corporate governance. Any help, advice, assistance you can give? The company is 14 years old and in serious dire straits financially and operationally, struggling to pay salaries and way behind on paying local and international suppliers, while the owners siphon funds to fund a lifestyle the company can ill afford to pay for, buying land in their name, building in their name and engaging in bribing to get business and even to get payments from our customers. can you offer any help?

  2. So to implement this fish-head tactic: call a board meeting and discuss the problems and possible solutions with the leaders? Wow, it is as simple as that. Thank you! Big hugs from warm Spain,
    Sandra from the olive grove

    • Thanks, Sandra!

  3. Hello Wayne,
    Very nice blog….I like the analogy from the Godfather.
    Warm regards

    • Thanks, Matt!

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