6 Steps to Better Time Management (Including the 4 D’s)

In this blog video, Wayne rants just a bit – and offers six steps to better time management. Please share your comments below.

Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. Wayne — good reminders on time management. I am a big fan of your bite-size pieces of wisdom. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks, Paul.

  2. Good advice and an important topic. I will be sharing with others-

    • Thanks, Drew.

  3. Wayne, I love your advise. On another topic, how can a 59 year old father instill a sense of ambition and responsibility in his 31 year old son who has been in the business for 7 years now?

    • Thanks, Steve! I’ll email you privately about your question.

  4. Great blog, Wayne – good reminders for all of us and our clients on time management. I had the pleasure of working with a wonderful executive coach years ago, two things he taught me:
    1. If its not in your planner, its not in your life.
    2. Honor your first commitment, and be present in that commitment.
    I think the second one matches well with your situation of someone answering a call in a meeting only to say she couldn’t talk.
    Another topic – How can a non-family member gain trust and be successful in a management role in a family business where multiple family members are in leadership positions and struggle to accept non-family members into management?

    • Great tips and a meaty question for future blogs, Marnie. Thanks!

  5. Wayne,
    You’ve touched on a pet focus of mine. Over the years, I’ve developed a number of disciplines that have made my life both productive and enjoyable.
    a) Calendar everything. I use ACT contact manager and calendar or have calendared everything…including reading. It doesn’t mean that I do it all, but it does mean that important business or personal activities get done. I never feel stretched or torn, because I know how long something will take and I allow for that time.
    b) I don’t take or receive spontaneous phone calls. 95% or more of my phone calls are scheduled by an assistant. Clients and team have been trained to understand this. I receive less than a call per day on my cell phone…anyone that wants to speak with me calls my office and schedules the time.
    c) Delegate decisions, not just tasks. Dennis Bakke in his book “Decision Maker” has laid forth a strategy that works.
    d) choose your customers carefully. Those that are time-sucks or require too much hand-holding are directed elsewhere.
    e) above all, avoid interruptions. I agree that there’s little that a leader has to deal with that’s emergent, so long as you’ve put in place the right team and delegate wisely.
    Thanks for the insight. Great job!

    • Great comment, Al! Thank you for the additional tips!

  6. Great blog, valuable and good advice. Time is either lived or wasted. Do not waste it! Thank you for the ready-to-use chunks of wisdom!
    Other blog topics: Why are family employees considered equal/not equal to external employees? Are expectations higher for family members?
    How to resolve conflict without getting personal in a family business?
    Leaving the business, how? Can a business literally die of old age and close down if there is no sucession planning? How to buy out other family members not working in the business?
    family run farm in Spain

    • Great ideas for future blogs, Sandra! Thank you very much!

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