Turn the Ship Around

Some time ago, Wayne reviewed Mike Abrashoff’s great book It’s Your Ship. In 2012, another Navy commander, David Marquet, produced a similar, equally compelling book Turn the Ship Around! In both books, the leaders were assigned the tasks of turning around the worst performing boats in the Navy – without any specific guidance or playbook for doing so. Their solutions for making their commands not only good but great are eminently transferable to today’s construction leaders.

Tune in this week as Wayne reviews this fascinating book, confirms PCA’s Mike Flentje’s advice of “management by walking around,” and introduces Marquets’ rejection of the leader/follower model in favor of the leader/leader one. What do you think? Is leader/leader a bridge too far? Can it work at all in real life? What about in construction specifically? Please share your thinking with us in the comments.

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