Leadership Versus Management: What’s the Difference?

Is leadership synonymous with management? If not, what’s the difference? And in what ways do they overlap? Does your construction company need both to prosper? Of course it does! But to be truly successful, senior leaders need to make sure they’re delivering plenty more of the former than the latter.

Please tune in this week as Wayne attempts to explain the differences – and there are massive contrasts between the two – between management and leadership. What do you think? Is this a question of “how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?” Or is it a legitimate question which offers a competitive advantage to contractors who get it right? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Click here to download the graphic explaining Leading versus Managing.

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Please click here to download the transcript.

  1. Got it. Thanks.

  2. Great stuff Wayne. My viewpoint is managers manage processes (not things). For example, they: plan and set goals; organize; deploy resources; monitor and adjust (rinse/repeat, rinse/repeat…with a little Kaisan mixed in). Leaders inspire and motivate the team to accomplish the vision and goals.

    Everyone that leads a team must possess both sets of skills (Leadership and Management) – the higher up in the organization, the more leadership required.

    Looking forward to the link for the graphic.

    • Graphic is in the vlog text, Matt, but we’re sending it to you via email. Be on the lookout. Thanks

  3. Thanks, Wayne. Always a good listen.

    Yes – leaders lead people, and managers manage process, etc.

    First-level supervisors are typically more managers than leaders.

    Beyond that level, I think that we need to be both managers and leaders.

    A lot comes down to personality, I think. Some individuals are more inclined to manage, others are more inclined to lead.

    My question for you, and perhaps for the others: “While acknowledging the very real differences between leading and managing… why does this matter… and when does it matter?” (Job description? Recruiting? Goal setting? Performance appraisal? Other?)

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