If Strategy Is So Important, Why Don’t We Make Time for It?

In 2018, noted thought leader and author Dorie Clark surveyed 10,000 senior leaders for their opinions. She discovered a rather remarkable result: 97% of the leaders said that being strategic was their #1 most important behavior while 96% of the very same people stated they lacked the time for it! WOW! That’s some disconnect!

Please tune in this week as Wayne reviews this shocking misalignment of time versus priority, gives the four reasons it manifests itself, and gives you tips on how to avoid being a victim of the glaring disconnect that apparently plagues thousands of business leaders. What do you think? How can smart, hardworking people be so misaligned in their priorities? Please share with us in the comments.

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  1. Simple is Hard! (i.e. Poster).

    • Well said, Tye!

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